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Get ready Shepherdsville, for the most incredible party bus & limousine rental experience in Kentucky! To get this adventure started for you, we encourage you to explore the options we offer within our amazing selection of party buses & limos. However, there's a ton of great information here on this page and, on our entire site.

Our fleet is filled with a varied assortment of both party buses & limousines. While they might differ in appearance, we do ensure that each and every vehicle we buy has a baseline level of incredible luxury. We believe that each client deserves the best, and regardless of which choice you make, you should enjoy it fully!

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Popular Shepherdsville Party Bus Event Services

During our ongoing adventure here, we have encountered quite a few different types of events. Some, you would totally expect. Others, you might be surprised that people hire luxury transportation for it. Whatever it is that you are planning to enjoy alongside your party bus, you can rest assured that we are able to provide the highest level of services to you and your fellow celebrants.

In case you are wondering how a party bus or limousine might fit with your particular plans... We can simply say that there is simply no event we can't provide service for. Some of the most common events we service probably will not surprise you - with weddings and prom type events topping the list. However, you'll find that we are often contracted for corporate parties & office celebrations, sports tailgate parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, concerts & festivals, and even outside the box things like winery tours & golf outings. There's a ton more that we could easily fit into this list. But, you're not going to want to sit here and read about that all day. If you're in any doubt whatsoever... You're always welcome to call and pick the collective brains of our staff. We will be happy to let you know just how easy it is to integrate our incredible transportation offerings into whatever it is you are cooking up!

Shepherdsville has a long and storied history predating the Civil War. While it is a smaller town, there is still plenty to do and see in the area. We are proud to serve those coming in for special occasions, along with handling the more everyday events that happen around town. Whether you live here or, if you are planning on attending an event here - you can have confidence in knowing that our expert staff will ensure you have safe, reliable, and world class luxury to enjoy while on the road with us.

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Enjoy Affordable Party Bus & Limo Prices

We believe that exorbitantly high pricing negates the point of a world-class luxury transportation provider. It is our aim to ensure that as many people who want to rent a limousine or party bus from us, are able to do so. Since it is our firm belief in being both transparent and fair in our pricing practices... We do things a bit differently that what is considered the "norm" in our industry. We will give you a brief explanation here, and apologize in advance since we are unable to provide pricing online. However we feel the trade-off in convenience for fairer pricing will be worth it to you.

What's the big deal? Why can't you publish party bus pricing here?

We do not publish pricing for the simple reason being: It is impractical for us to do so. Our rate structure is one that is both flexible and fluid. In short, it's always changing. Our rates are not driven by generating the highest possible profit. While yes, profit is always the goal of a company, we feel that providing fair rates will allow for a more sustainable business model over billing out the highest possible rates.

How does our pricing work? Well, it is in a constant state of flux. By design. We are consistently performing cost analysis and looking for ways to save money. Which, keeps our rates down as low as possible. It is our goal to ensure you receive incredible value and a fair price. So, we price out each and every single run we book individually, and tailor it to your specific needs.

When you call us for a price quote, we will need to following information to facilitate a quick & accurate price for you: The date of your trip ~ the time you require pickup ~ the number of passengers who will be riding with you ~ the type of event (some events have package deals available) ~ and the location from which your trip will commence. When you have this information, we will be able to provide a quote that is accurate to the dollar (assuming there are no additional charges). What additional charges might be incurred? Well, those are all in our contract. There are rare cases where accidental damage might happen or, if there is a need for excessive party bus cleanup. Also, if you go over your allotted hours, you will have to cover the additional time at your normal hourly rate (no "double time" or anything like that).

Questions? Call us! We're always happy to help! 502-878-7022

We rent party buses & limousines to anyone for any occasion!

It does not matter to us who you are or what you are celebrating. As long as you're of legal age to sign a contract, we can provide you with luxury transportation that is suitable for any and all events. Our agents are always here to help, and will be happy to do so at any time of the day or night.

Providing Great Value

  • Flat Screen HD & 4K TV's
  • HD Receiver for stationary TV viewing
  • Concert Quality Sound Systems
  • Wet Bars with Coolers
  • CD/DVD/iPod Adaption
  • Fiber Optic & LED Mood Lighting
  • Leather seating for your Passengers
  • Luxurious accommodation throughout
  • Hard-Wood or Diamond Plate flooring
  • Cup Holders built-in
  • Tinted windows

Serving Local Events

  • Louisville Cardinals games
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Garvin Gate Blues Festival
  • Kentucky Opera
  • Kentucky controls
  • Kentucky's "Museum Row"
  • The Louisville Palace
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor & BacheloretteParties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Homecomings & Proms

Serving Shepherdsville & Beyond!

It is our distinct pleasure to bring our services to as many people in our range as we possibly are able to. For this reason, our area of operations is consistently growing. We are constantly working to be able to expand where we are able to go. We do this by working on always expanding our fleet which allows us the luxury to travel further and increasing our availability.

We even have a page dedicated to outlining our standard area of operations. You can find the link in our navigation or, just below.

For now, a quick rundown of Our most serviced areas will show the following cities and towns as our most often visited: Louisville, KY, Jeffersontown, KY, Lyndon, KY, Mount Washington, KY, St. Matthews, KY, Shelbyville, KY, Shepherdsville, KY, Shively, KY, and West Buechel, KY.

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  • Have the following info ready when calling.
  • Date & Time of Rental
  • Number of Passengers
  • Pick-up and Drop-off Locations
  • Debit or Credit Card (For deposit)
  • Thank You!

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