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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there smoking, of any kind, permitted on the Party Buses?

We are not aware of any company that still allows smoking on board their vehicles. Including us, this is an absolute, zero tolerence policy that if broken will incur a detailing fee. This policy allows us to preserve the beauty of our buses, which helps us keep pricing low. We will stop whenever you need a smoke or bathroom break.

Are alcoholic beverages permitted aboard the vehicles?

Absolutely, as long as their are no minors on board. So if you want to party hard with hard beverages tell anyone under 21 to meet you at your destination or cut them off the list. Once again, excessive clean up fees will occur if the inevitable result of excessive drinking occurs upon our vehicle. We encourage our clients to drink resonsibly.

What if we are having so much fun we want to extend our rental?

Not a problem at all, you will simply be billed according to your original hourly rate. Just as long as your extention doesn't interfere with another client's reservation, this is more likely if you are on a day run with a night run afterward. In the rare event this is the case we will make sure you are aware in advance.

Where are we permitted to go during our Louisville Party Bus rental?

We will take you anywhere you wish to go in your reserved time. When you call to reserve our bus for your event our expert staff will walk you through the process and estimate the time your journey will take and work with you to nail down how long you are going to need to reserve for. Remember, large buses travel slower than cars.

How many passengers can fit in your Party Buses?

This is dependant on the vehicle you rent from us as well as the size and requirments of you and your guests. The best method to figuring out the most comfortable experience for all of your guests is to give us a call and let our helpful staff narrow in on the exact service that will meet or even exceed your high expetations.

Does Louisville Party Bus offer any special deals?

Through out the year we will offer specials, usually wedding packages that includes special pricing, decoration, cups and bottled water for the passangers. As other events come to town we will occasionally have other special deals. We are always open to working out package deals with other local companies.

If you have any remaining questions left unanswered, please call our fabulous customer service staff and they will be able to answer any and all questions and quandries that you have. Our reservation process is quick and streamlined, they walk you through step by step to find the perfect solution to your transportantion needs. IF you need recommendations for service other places we recommend St Louis Party Bus or Wichita Party Bus for good options.

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